Three Days of Mourning in Spain for Plane Crash Victims

MADRID, Spain (AP) - Spain is holding three days of mourning for those who died in yesterday's jetliner crash in Madrid. Flags in the capital are flying at half-staff and silent vigils were held at noon around the country.

The king and queen visited the makeshift morgue where the bodies were taken after the crash. The Spanair MD-82 airplane had abandoned one takeoff attempt because of an air gauge that showed overheating.

The jet crashed on the second attempt, but experts say it's unlikely the gauge had any role in the accident, which left 153 people dead.  News reports say one of the engines may have caught fire.  Officials say 25 bodies have been identified so far. Nineteen people survived, but only three of the flight's 22 children were among them.

Since many bodies were burned beyond recognition, forensic teams are using DNA to help make identifications.