Fay Continues Drenching Florida

MELBOURNE, Fla. (AP) - Torrential rains from Tropical Storm Fay have triggered new flooding along Florida's northern Atlantic coast.  Police and National Guard troops are evacuating people from flooded areas in Merritt Island, where lakes are overflowing into houses.

People are also being evacuated from a mobile home community in Melbourne.  Nearly 25 inches of rain have already fallen in the area. Fay could dump 30 inches in some parts of Florida. The water has been driving many alligators, snakes and other animals from their lairs.

Governor Charlie Crist is slated to tour part of the flood area later today. He calls the storm a "serious catastrophic flooding event."  Forecasters expect the storm to continue a zigzag course and come ashore in Florida for the third time in a week. The storm is also likely to impact Georgia.