Mexican Drug Dangers

By Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

It might seem like a good idea, drive to the border, pick up medicine, pay a lot less. 

Now, there's new information from the FDA you need to know. 

Getting that good deal on prescription drugs south of the border may not be such a good deal after all.

Saving a couple of bucks on your meds could cause you some serious health problems and might even endanger your life. 

That's the word coming from U.S. and Mexican officials. 

Part of the problem, according to the FDA, the drugs sold in Mexico are not labeled properly, are not quality controlled, and sometimes they just aren't stored properly. 

One pharmacist NewsWest 9 spoke with says, it's not worth the risk.

"It's very risky going across the border to pick up prescriptions," Pharmacy Assistant Director Eric Pokky with Medical Center Hospital, said. "Because in some countries, as high as 50 percent of the prescriptions you're picking up to come across the border with, for internet sales, and foreign sales are found to be counterfit drugs. If they're counterfit, you may or may not be getting the drug you need to be taking for your condition. You may or may not be getting the strength of the drug that you need and you don't know what other components or factors are found in the drug that you're picking up."

In fact, some of the drugs being bought are not even medicine, they're just made to look like it. 

Mexican officials say it's a problem throughout the country not just at the border.