Odessa Crime Stoppers Now Using Text Messaging

By: Haley Burks

A quick text message can now help solve crimes

"You could literally be witnessing a crime, with a fugitive whatever and literally text us a message with that person sitting right there, and that wouldn't be unusual since texting is so prevalent in our society," Susan Rogers with Odessa Crime Stoppers, said.

Odessa Crime Stoppers the first in the area to incorporate text messaging as a way to leave a tip.

"It's a great tool for law enforcement and another avenue for Crime Stoppers to receive information," Rogers added.

Tipsters can text Odessa Crime Stoppers from anywhere in the world, all you have to do is type tip 105 and send it to CRIMES (274637).

A text provides an extra level of anonymity and rewards are still offered.

"For the people that think we might recognize a voice, or that we trace calls which we absolutely do not, this is a great option," Rogers said.

Teens and parents can both utilize this new option.

"Its great if you are standing next to someone that can hear you can text, and it's just another great tool for safety," one Odessa resident said.

The future of crime solving may be with a text.

Rodgers says, "This is the wave of the future, this is the way it's all going, how we will receive information."