West Texans Take Advantage of Tax Free Weekend

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Store Mangers tell NewsWest 9 this tax-free weekend started slow because of the rain. But that all changed early Sunday morning with many looking for good deals.

"Well, we got some shoes for the kids, pants and some shirts," Shopper Machell Ortiz, said.

Odessa resident Machell Ortiz said she was bargain shopping these past few days and making sure the items she was getting were tax free. But shopping on a day where there are a lot of sales also has its problems.

"There are a lot of people around and you don't get much time to see because there are big lines and then all the kids are over here crying. I have little kids that and they want to go so they don't let us see what we want," Ortiz said.

But other shoppers like Beatrice Uranga left the kids at home and went out to find the sales.

"This is my second time here so I guess I am taking advantage of the tax-free weekend. I've just been coming in and out from different stores and just picking up whatever is on sale mainly; that's what I've being looking for," Shopper Beatrice Uranga, said.

Some shoppers said this weekend's sales were not so great. But Uranga said with buying school supplies and clothes for her son she's looking to save every penny she can.

"I paid full price with tax and everything it would have come to a lot more, so I think it did make a difference. My son is getting ready to go back to school, so we saved a lot in him too, getting him shoes and ready for school shirts, pants, everything," Uranga said.

Other shoppers NewsWest 9 talked to weren't even looking for tax-free deals.

"I feel like it being Sunday everybody is kind of already taking advantage of it and I am just coming in. I am saving for vacation; we are leaving Tuesday so just a little shopping, not very much," Shopper Anna Friessen, said.

Some shoppers say they were waiting for this weekend to do back to school shopping. Others say stores tend to have good sales during these days so they were looking around to see what they could find.