Midland Family Shares Their Story About Their Son’s Strabismus

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Since the Vargas' son was diagnosed with Strabismus at a very early age they had to keep a journal of the different treatments he was going through. Now they say they want to share that journal and their story with other West Texans.

"As we were talking we decided 'you know this would be great book for others who are in our same situation," Johnny Vargas, author of the book, said.

After a year and a half of writing the book turned into something more personal.

"I guess based on my personality when ever I meet people I kind of always put everything out there and maybe you do risk something doing that. But well you have this life and you might as well go out there and do it, and feel it and experience it," Erika Vargas, author of the book, said.

The Vargas' say writing the book wasn't easy. They remember lots of hurtful situations.

"People would look at us strange like 'why haven't you done something about your son's eye' or 'don't you know your son's eyes are crossed.'  Maybe their child was looking and wanted to ask a question but the parent would say 'don't look that way, don't stare,'" Johnny Vargas said.

And their son's condition also brought tensions inside the family.

"What would happen is that there would be problems with strabismus so we would talk about him and then we would also talk about the financial side of it and I think that's the biggest way it affected our marriage because it affected us financially," Erika Vargas said.

But now the Vargas' agree they've learned some valuable lessons.

"For one thing is that family is what get's you through things and marriage and your children that's what really takes you to the next step in any journey in life," Johnny Vargas said.