EXCLUSIVE: Rankin's Only Doctor Resigns

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

RANKIN - After more than a year's worth of arguments, accusations, and legal allegations, Rankin's only doctor said the hospital will have to find someone new. Even with widespread support among Rankin residents, Dr. Paul McLean said Thursday growing tension between himself and hospital board members is forcing him to leave.

However, as NewsWest 9 discovered, he's not the only doctor who has experienced problems. 

McLean said he doesn't want to leave Rankin, but he said the continuing accusations against him from nurses has taken its toll. He put in his resignation Tuesday morning, but the decision took a lot of thought.

"We've been under a lot of tension, financial strain, emotional strain," McLean explained.

He said there just aren't any options left with a lack of board support, and tensions with hospital nurses.

"It's been so much strain and every time I go to the hospital or admit a patient, and I know that's another potential complaint," McLean said. "I just am afraid all the time of being accused. I've walked on eggshells for a year and a half now."

"I don't know what the answer is," Shirley McLean, the doctor's wife, said. "My heart bleeds for the ones that need a good doctor."

Shirley McLean told NewsWest 9 she doesn't fully understand why, as she claims, hospital employees want to drive her husband out of town. She said she's fully aware of how much support her husband sees in Rankin.

"We've had people from Big Lake, McCamey, Crane, all asking us don't leave," Shirley McLean said. "We have no choice."

But as frustrating as it is, McLean claims he's not the only one.

"I'm actually the fourth doctor this has happened to in Rankin," Dr. McLean said. "The doctor not before me but before that wrote me a letter and said 'Its getting to be a tradition isn't it?'"

Dr. McLean has had a record of alcoholism, but said he's been sober for seven years and doesn't understand how he got here.

"I don't know why the magnitude of these vicious attacks. It's a mystery to me," Dr. McLean added.

"I question their integrity, and sometimes I think God pushes us the wrong way. Really, it's hard, it's a hard thing to do," Shirley McLean, said.

Dr. McLean said right now he and his wife are planning to move to Midland to work. NewsWest 9 also spoke with Rankin hospital administrators Thursday. They did not comment about the doctor's resignation. They told us board members will have to discuss the issue and decide about releasing any statement.