Stanton Police Shoot Robbery Suspect

by Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

STANTON - People in Stanton say they have never seen this kind of action before.

At about 12:30 Thursday afternoon, a man went into the Stanton Drug Store, located at the corner of St. Peter and Anna St.  The man entered the store and yelled at the 15-20 people inside the pharmacy eating lunch to get down. 

The man then went up to the counter and asked for some painkillers, and police and Dr. Kyle Kendall told NewsWest 9 at that moment the man looked like he had a gun.

That's when everything took a comical twist.

The man came out to his vehicle in the parking lot and locked himself out of his own vehicle, and police began chasing him down the street by the Barber Shop where police were then able to catch up with him.

At that point, Stanton Police Chief Adams fired a single shot at the suspect striking him in the shoulder.

Stanton Police immediately arrested him and realized he was using a caulk gun to commit the robbery.

The man is from Big Spring and is in Midland being treated for minor injuries.

The Texas Rangers, Stanton Police, and the Martin County Sheriff's Office say the investigation is ongoing.