Midland Police Officer Terminated

By Camaron Abundes  
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Allegations of unwanted sexual advances not only cost a Midland Police Officer his job but landed him on the other side of the law. Jason Ryan Moore, 26, is charged with Official Oppression, a Class A Misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail and up to a $4,000 dollar fine.

On Wednesday, Interim Police Chief Price Robinson wrapped up a week long internal affairs investigation by terminating Moore and taking him into custody. Moore posted the $500 dollar bond and was released from the Midland County Detention Center on Wednesday afternoon.

On August 8th, Moore was placed on paid leave during the investigation. Chief Robinson says a complaint was filed August 3rd more than a week after Moore allegedly made unwanted sexual advances and asked for sexual favors during a disturbance call in Midland.

"Mr. Moore accompanied the complainant to her car under the pretense of getting more information and that's when he made some unwanted sexual advances and asked for sexual favors," Chief Robinson said, "I wish it never would have happened. It was very difficult but if these things happen you just have to handle them. There is no other way, you just have to do what's right."
Chief Robinson said this will go into Moore's file and he won't likely work in law enforcement in the future. Chief Robinson called the former officer's actions a violation of people's trust.

"We have 255 good employees here. Like I said earlier, we take it serious because we want the trust of the people of Midland," he said.

NewsWest 9 spoke to many Tall City residents who say they still have faith in the Midland Police Officers.

"When you're calling the police you're looking for help," Midlander Pam Gray said, "If there was a complaint something needs to be followed up and there is some information found out then the next step needs to be taken. I am sure there are policies in place that made that happen."

Chief Robinson tells NewsWest 9 he hopes by getting the issue out in the open he can hold on to the support of the citizens of Midland.

"I think we have a really good police force,"  Midlander Lavonda Wright, said.