Midland High School Graduate Competing in the 2008 Olympics

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- It's a dream for any athlete to represent the U.S in the Olympics. On Wednesday beore the World, Midlander Jayson Nix will live that dream. Nix will start at second base in Wednesday's game against South Korea in Beijing. His parents Laynce and Leslei Nix could not be more proud of their son's hard work.

"The Olympics one of the greatest athletic venues in the whole world and we are very proud and thankful that our son has the character and the discipline to find himself in that venue," Laynce Nix, Father of Jayson Nix, said.

"We are not going to miss it, and we are going to get on it live, and it will be in the middle of the night," Leslie Nix, Mother of Jayson Nix, said.

Jason Nix has come a long a way, he started playing baseball at a very young age with his big brother Laynce.  His father says he has enjoyed watching both of his son's evolve in a sport they love to play.

"It's being a lot of fun and a big joy for the whole family to watch them grow in baseball and continue to play and have the experiences that they've had making their Major League debut and playing in the Major Leagues," Laynce Nix said.

Jayson now plays for a Triple A farm team. He has even had a shot at playing with the Colorado Rockies, but before he made it this far he was a Midland High Bulldogs.

"Leading us to the State Championship obviously is a big impact. I had never won one until that year and just his work ethic leading the other young men in the team.  He drove everyone else to push a little bit more," Midland High Baseball Coach Barry Russell, said.