New Waste Water Center Coming to Kermit

By Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

A new waste water treatment center is on the way to Kermit, whether they like it or not. 

After the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality issued a violation for wasting water, the City is forced to build a new plant, but it's the people of Kermit who will foot the bill.

"I don't think too many people know this exists out here or where their waste water goes," John Shepard, Kermit Water Supervisor, said.

But they're about to find out. The T.C.E.Q. served the city of Kermit a notice for a leaky waste water pond system, now, they're building a new one and it's the Kermit neighbors who will soak up that cost.

"We're not doing this because the city decided to do this on their own," Shepard said. "It's state-mandated. The waste water bills will go from $12-$24 which they already have."

The waste water treatment facility is located about a mile and a half south of town. The problem with the ponds is that there's no liner, allowing the water to leak out.

"They said we were perkilating too much water," Shepard said.

So the city is building a two-pond system next to the old one. The new ponds will be wider and deeper, plus they'll be lined so they won't leak.

"I'm going to miss the old ponds," Shepard said. "The simple way. The old way. But the way of the future, move on, carry on."

But the main difference is the way they operate. The old ones run off mother nature, by evaporation. The new ones will run off electricity costing the city about $10,000 extra each year.

"Roughly, $4 1/2 million," Shepard said.

City officials say construction will begin in November. They hope the new facility will be up and running by mid-2009.

"Glad to see that we're going to get something that will benefit us for the future and be available for many years to come," Shepard said.