Two Soldiers Return Home

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- It was an emotional afternoon for two soldiers coming back home. Private Matthew Tiffin and Private First Class Brandon Fisher, so emotional that it left one of them speechless.

"I honestly don't know what to do right now," Private First Class Brandon Fisher said.

"It was a trip, it was a pretty good, it was a challenge, and I enjoyed it," Private Matthew Tiffin said.

"I am just happy to have him home. I have been counting the days for the last two months everyday I have gotten into work and they go what day is it now," Carla Fisher, Mother of one Soldier, said.

"I am extremely proud of him, I am extremely proud of him and missed him, we are glad to have him home and when the airplane hit the ground it was like 'we're home,' glad to be here," Pam Tiffin, Mother of one Soldier, said.

Both mothers agree it was hard having their sons away. Fisher was gone for a year to Korea and Tiffin was gone for 3 months to boot camp. Pam Tiffin says she even found some comfort in the Internet.

"We had a website that was called for those mothers and fathers that are having kids that are leaving and their sons leaving and their daughters leaving that was just a lifesaver to go to it," Pam Tiffin said.

Fisher will be staying home for a couple of weeks and then wait for his orders, possibly to Iraq. Tiffin will be going to college soon. But for now it's time to spend with the family.

"We are going to enjoy him while he is here. I made his favorite lemon cake and he is getting Mexican food tonight, he hasn't had any for one year," Carla Fisher said.