Residents Return to Cypress Pointe Apartments to Collect Their Belongings

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - One of the victims tells NewsWest 9 she lost almost half of her belongings in the fire. She says lots of clothes were left burned or damaged. She had only lived their less than a month. Now the eighteen year old has to find another place to live. Saturday afternoon her family was helping her gather the few belongings she has left.

"Today we were called at 4:30 to see if we could come and get any of my daughter's stuff out of her apartment, because they wanted for us to get as much stuff as we could today,"  Amy Burgess, Mother of one victim, said.

Friday afternoon's fire scorched building four at Cypress Pointe apartments leaving 13 people with out a home.  Saturday afternoon Amy felt lucky she could save some of her daughters belongings.

"A tenant above her all she got out was two bags of chips and a box of cookies, she lost everything else so Lindsey was more fortunate to get more of her belongings out, but still she lost all of her furniture, her bed,  it was all soaking wet from all the fire water, plus it all smelled so bad of smoke that we don't know if we can get the smell out," Burgess said.

This is the second fire Lindsey has had to deal with in the past five months. Amy says her daughter is frustrated from everything that has happened even though she feels blessed to be alive.

"That she does, but she says people don't know how it feels to go in there and pick out part of your stuff and leave the rest of it behind because it's all damaged and ruined," Burgess said.

The Red Cross is providing food and shelter for some of the tenets who lost their home.

Amy says she and her daughter are still figuring out what to do.

"After that we have no idea, because the apartment complex has the money, they her deposit and her August rent which we have to wait for a check from the home office, before she can even look for another apartment to rent," Burgess said.

The area manager of the apartment complex says they don't know if they are going to fix or demolish the apartment building. Fire officials say the parents of the two kids who started the fire may be held responsible for the incident, because the children are under ten years of age and charges can not filed against them.