Planning Underway for New Recycling Facility in Pecos

by Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

PECOS - Over the past three years, cardboard has been going into the landfill in Pecos. Those products that could be recycled are causing the landfills to weigh more than they should.

Now, Pecos leaders are planning a new recycling facility at the landfill.

"Currently we are bringing in 21.5 tons average per day. We would like to lower it to 20, that's our goal." Edgardo Madrid with the Pecos Public Works Department, said.

Because of that increased weight, they're shipping some of the trash to Odessa all at a cost to the city.

"If we can lower that cost of transportation, then we can continue charging the same amount to our customers," Madrid said

In October, the City hopes to begin asking local businesses and neighbors to put cardboard into cardboard only trash cans.

"Currently, we are only talking about 28 or 30 locations," Madrid added.

Pecos officials have already begun working with a local company that is interested in purchasing the cardboard saving taxpayers the processing fees.

Madrid says, "Ultimately, the beneficiaries are going to be the public b/c we are running better operations here, less cost so we don't have to impact them on their monthly fee."

More and more people are moving into the Pecos area because of the oil industry increasing the amount of waste.

"The more ton you take out of that pit, you save space, you're expanding the life of the landfill," Madrid said.

This isn't the only project planned for the city.

Mayor Alligood informed NewsWest 9 they plan to propose a regional landfill servicing Reeves County.

"It's very crucial for us to act now," Madrid added.

If the cardboard recycling process is successful, then the Public Works Director hopes to recycle glass, plastic, and other things that take up space at the landfill.