Andrews Neighborhood All Clear after Gas Leak at Elementary School

by Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - Andrews Police say Wednesday's evacuation at Devonian Elementary and nearby homes was all precautionary.

Residents in about four blocks of homes were forced to leave just in case the gas leak caused a bigger problem.

Devonian Elementary is located near Northwest Avenue M and Northwest 11th Streets.

Nearby intersections were blocked by officers on Wednesday afternoon to give the gas company's repair crews the chance to fix the leak.

There were no fires or explosions and no one was hurt.

Police Chief Bud Jones says while no children are in school right now there were people in the buildings police had to evacuate.

"Maintence personnel and a few school people, probably moving some equipment, we do anticipate the school being open by the end of August, so they were people there but they were all evacuated, and like I say the proper safety precautions were put in place immediately," Jones said.

Residents were allowed to go back home around 1:45 Wednesday afternoon.

Chief Jones stressed safety first during the incident.  

In the meantime, construction crews at the school went right back to work after the gas company's repair crews gave them the green light.