FBI Investigating Winkler County Newspaper

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

WINKLER COUNTY - An FBI investigation is underway involving a West Texas newspaper.

At this hour, agents are still at the paper's offices.

Details have been very limited, but here's what we know at this time.

Multiple agencies including the FBI, Winkler County Sheriff's Office and the Kermit Police served a warrant at the Winkler County Newspaper on Tuesday morning.

When NewsWest 9 arrived on the scene, the building was surrounded by local authorities and FBI agents were inside conducting their investigation.

The FBI could not comment on the investigation, because the warrants are sealed.

The Winkler County Sheriff said he could not comment as well, but the Kermit Police Chief informed NewsWest 9 that his office is working a child pornography case and would not comment any further.

NewsWest 9 has attempted to call the Winkler County News repeatedly on Tuesday, but no one has answered the phone.

Police have not arrested or charged anyone with a crime at this time.

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