Birthday Surprise for One Midland Woman

By Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

"I just thought we were going out to eat."

Jami Todd her 30th birthday celebration to be a low key get together with her family, but that was not in the plans.

Her husband, Michael, a Marine Staff Sergeant deployed in Iraq set up a call with the Freedom Foundation and Region 18.

This allowed him to virtually attend the party despite the 8 hour time difference in Fallujah.

"I was just trying to find a way to surprise her for her birthday and things just coincided," Marins Staff Sgt. Michael Todd, said.

For their son, 3-year-old Lucas, it was the perfect opportunity to practice his Pledge of Allegiance with his father.

Jamie's family were all in on the surprise that took weeks to coordinate.

Jami's father Jim Cannell says, "They will actually meet back up on Labor Day, so its been seven months since they have seen each other."

Jami says the chance to actually see each other helps ease the thousand of miles that separates the family.

"Its very strange to be talking and see him on camera, its very surreal," Jami said.

She says it was the perfect birthday present.

"My 30th birthday, I will never forget my husband talking to me on TV from Iraq, you cant beat it."