Mixed Results on TAKS Tests for Big Spring ISD

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING- Out of the eight schools the Big Spring Independent School District has, two were considered academically unacceptable. But according to Michael Stevens Interim Superintendent for the District, it's not all bad news for the schools.

"Overall we did a great job, when someone says you are unacceptable, it's not as though you did everything poorly, that's just not true, you got one areas, two areas, subgroups that you did not do as well as you like," Stevens said.

Stevens says the failing scores have disappointed the District and they were actually surprised by them, but there were also good ratings for other schools.

"We had three elementary schools that were recognized that do a good job, and we will continue to do a good job," Stevens said.

The Interim Superintendent also says school officials are now analyzing what went wrong in the last school year. And they are already making plans to make better ratings next time testing comes around.

"We will look at our test scores and we are already meeting with the teachers. We have to get the results back to see where we really need to do well. We don't have all that yet. On Friday, we are just getting the information and so we are just looking at what we have, and what areas we need to improve," Stevens said.

This is the first time the school district has rated academically unacceptable. Now, they are trying to focus in the areas they tested low.

"We got caught a little bit with our kids when they realized they didn't have to pass science and social studies in order to get promoted to high school.  They just decided 'the heck with it.' So that surprised us, we did not anticipate that coming, not to many schools got caught in that and apparently we did," Stevens said.

At this time Big Spring's Junior High and High School are not facing any state sanctions, at least for now. If they score unacceptable for five years in a row both schools could face serious punishments, anywhere from intervention to closure.