EXCLUSIVE: Religious Refugee Finds Peace in Midland

By Camaron Abundes  
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Bob and Heidi Fu and their three children no longer keep their voices down to pray. As Staff Pastor of Mid-Cities Community Church he no longer fears religious persecution.

"When I sit in the congregation every Sunday morning in this peaceful gigantic building, and people can choose to worship whatever way they want," Fu said,"They can jump, they can sing loudly, and they can dance, and chose to be quiet, it really touches my heart."

Fu grew up in China and says he longed for equality and freedom.

"In 1989, I was a third year university student and very actively involved in the students movement, democracy movement, at Tianamen's square. I led a group of University students who took over part of the square. Until the early morning of June 4th, when the Chinese people's army started shooting and the Tanks started moving in," Fu said.

Fu says he wanted to launch a suicide mission but read a biography of a famous underground Chinese Christian pastor.

"I saw in my own heart was full of hatred, how can I change China with hatred and violence,"  he said, "That was the moment I found my Christian faith."

Soon after Fu started an underground Christian Church and was later thrown in prison along with his wife for running it.

"Most of the house church leaders were imprisoned, numerous times from several months to life in prison," he said.

According to Fu, the People's Republic of China temporarily released the couple for diplomatic reasons, but intended to re-arrest them. Fu and his wife soon learned they were expecting their first child without permission from the government.

"My wife was pregnant without the pregnancy permission card. You know in China the one child policy [applies] even for the first child," he said, "She faced danger of forced abortion, and no hospital in Beijing would allow to do a basic physical test."

The couple fled to Hong Kong and received religious refugee status with the help of President Clinton.

"It's a miracle by God's grace, we were able to get out of China later," he said, "That was in June 1997 we came to the United States."