Pecos County Winemakers Working Around the Clock

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

NEAR FORT STOCKTON - Time is running out for wine growers in Pecos County. The sun is setting on this year's wine harvesting season, and it only lasts a few weeks.

They're hard at work at the largest vineyard in Texas, making sure it's a crop they can really toast to.

West Texas may be known for its wind and oil, but you probably wouldn't think Pecos County has the biggest vineyard in Texas.

"We have 800 acres in cultivation right now," Mike Stallard of Mesa Vineyards L.P., said.

Stallard said everything inside their winery near Fort Stockton has to run smoothly, especially now since they only have a few weeks before the harvest season is over.

"They all ripen just a little behind each other, so when you finish one, the other one's ready, the other one's ready, they all ripen not all at once, but pretty well, back to back of where you won't loss your crop," Stallard said.

Stallard said every machine works together like a well oiled orchestra to go from the field and into your glass of wine. And while the winery workers may be few in number, Stallard said crews will be working night and day until everything is ready.

"It's quality, and that's what we deal with. We try to keep that quality that you always expect and you always find," Stallard said. "That's the thing is you keep a consistency, and you'll keep a happy customer."