New "Green" Neighborhood Coming to Odessa

By Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

With the oil boom, it's not easy finding a home in the Permian Basin, much less low-income housing, but the City of Odessa is trying to meet that need by building a new neighborhood. 
But these affordable homes will also be energy-efficient helping their owners to save money on utilities.

It's a nine acre vacant lot now, but in a few months, the City of Odessa hopes to turn it into a new affordable neighborhood.

"What we're trying to do is provide workforce housing and develop this property with 53 new homes that will be available for purchase, and the purchase prices range between $90,000 and $125,000," Odessa Program Manager, Merita Sandoval, said.

Odessa's city manager says there aren't many low income neighborhoods being built right now.

"That's an area that's not being addressed much by a lot of developers in town," Sandoval said. "There's very few houses that are being constructed in that price range."

But this isn't just any neighborhood.

"In the proposal, we've asked that the developers use some green techniques in the construction of these homes," Sandoval, said.  "It will save the home buyers approximately 20-30% on their utility bills."

Developers will turn in their proposals by August 29th.   Then the City will choose based on the design, cost, and how energy-efficient the developer can build homes.

"They will be eligible to any one who wants to purchase one," she said.

And the city hopes to start soon.

"I think we may be looking at starting construction by October," Sandoval said.