2008 MISD Accountability Ratings Released

The Texas Education Agency released the 2008 Accountability Ratings for Texas school districts today.  Commissioner of Education Robert Scott announced the release and held a press briefing this afternoon in Austin.  Accountability ratings information can be viewed on the TEA website at www.tea.state.tx.us./perfreport/account.  The annual dropout and completion report is also posted.

There are four ratings Texas school districts and campuses can receive: Exemplary, Recognized, Academically Acceptable and Academically Unacceptable.  The main criteria for determining the ratings are the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills test results, the completion rate and the dropout rate.

Midland ISD maintained its 2007 rating of Academically Acceptable.  Throughout Midland ISD, 44% (14 schools) of the campuses were rated Recognized, 50% of the district's campuses (16 schools) earned a rating of Academically Acceptable and six percent (2 schools) received an Academically Unacceptable rating.

Travis Elementary School received an Academically Unacceptable rating for the first time this year.  Data indicates significant deficiencies in the area of science, which caused the dramatic drop in scores on that campus.  Midland Freshman also received an Unacceptable rating for the first time, due to low math performance in three sub-groups.  San Jacinto Junior High School and Parker Elementary were previously rated as Unacceptable; however, both campuses have showed significant improvement this year.  Parker Elementary school achieved Recognized status and San Jacinto received an Acceptable rating this year.