Odessa Family Forced Out of Their Apartment

by Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - "We don't make a lot of money what we have, we pay rent, bills, gas, the way it is, and then buy groceries."

Ashley Ornelas and her husbands monthly budget shattered after a letter they received from Brady Station.

"To get a letter like that on your door that you have to find a new place to live really makes you feel like crying," Ashley said.

The cause for their non-renewal remains unanswered.

"We have asked them why can't you renew our lease, and they say they don't have to give you one," Ashley said.

She feels like they have been responsible tenants.

"We have been late a couple times honestly, but we always pay the late fee," Ashley said.

Now they only have a place to live until August.

"Everywhere you call put you on the waiting list probably about 20 people ahead of you," Ashley added.

NewsWest 9 contacted Brady Stations Corporate Office and they said they could not comment on the matter.

NewsWest 9 then called the Texas Apartment Association to find out if the apartment is doing anything illegal.

"It's basically up to the property owner to decide it's their right to non renew some ones lease and they do not have to provide a reason for that non renewal."

George Allen with the Association tells us that non renewals are usually due to problems between tenants and the property, but the housing market can also play a role.

"Tight markets, I am certain can lead to aggressive pricing and can lead to non renewal situations," Allen added.

Leaving the Ornelas family with an uncertain future.

"If we didn't have family and friends in town, I don't know where we would be the streets maybe? I don't know what we would do," Ashley said.