New Apartment Complex Coming in Andrews?

by Mary Lou Morga
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - Without a doubt, the City of Andrews is growing at a very rapid pace.

"Given all the workforce issues and the amount of construction activity as well as the oil and gas economy and the construction of the uranium enrichment plant nearby," Andrews City Manager, Glen Hackler, said.

And as a result that, many businesses and families are now calling this small community home.   City officials have proposed building a new apartment complex with about 136 units.

"There's certainly a need for apartments here," Hackler said. "These are very nice upscale apartments that are planned." Andrews Resident Francis Scoggins, said.

Although residents agree that there is a need for additional housing.

Many of them are worried about the idea.

"The traffic, the noise, it will make a difference I believe," Scoggins said.  "We live in a quiet neighborhood we just moved here to maybe 2 years ago and we like our neighborhood."

Not only are they worried about having new neighbors, but they are also worried about how tidy they will be.

"Because of the littering and the tenants that live there may be questionable. You don't know who's going to live in them," Scoggins said.

But according to city officials, they're already making plans to ease some of these concerns.

"We'll talk to the developers about screening fences and things that are good buffers of apartment units," Hackler said.

Andrews city officials will meet with the developers next week to discuss site plan issues.

If the proposal is approved, construction would begin by the end of the year.