Looking For Room in Reeves County Buildings

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

PECOS - Commissioners in Reeves County are working to upgrade several facilities within the city of Pecos. The discussion has been ongoing during July as to how much money they want to spend.

In fact, they said the renovations may be big enough to bring to a bond. On Friday, some county employees said they just don't have enough space.

"We've got the Adult Probation Department, MHMR is over here. We've got Texas Tech Medical, we've got the Pecos Community Council, we've got Meals on Wheels, two JP's," Jim Riley, who is a Justice of the Peace for Precinct 2, said. "You name it, we nearly got it here."

The old Reeves County Hospital on Daggett was built to hold patients, not county offices. But Riley said it's been this way for years.

"It's kind of difficult as far as judicial problems and everything," Riley said. "We have to hold court in the break room and things like that."

That's right, Riley holds court in the breakroom, and his office is where doctors developed X-Rays. That's why Riley said the county needs more professional facilities.

"I'm ready for anything is all I can say. We've been asking ever since we've been in office," Riley said. "I've been in here going on my sixth year right now, just trying to get a courtroom, something like that, a facility that we can hold court in that looks like a courtroom."

And it's not just looks. A few months ago, Riley said workers had to remove all the tiles in the ceiling because of asbestos.

"It is a very sturdy building, it's a very good building," Mary Jane Rios, who is the executive director of the Community Council of Reeves County, said.

Not everyone is looking for more space. Rios said members of the non-profit Community Council have enough room for now. It's just a few minor things that need to be improved.

"We would be benefit out of a commerical kitchen. The kitchen is kind of small," Rios said. "It's like a home based kitchen, and we do prepare maybe a 150 meals to 160 meals a day."

Reeves County Commissioners plan to work out the details of a possible bond to upgrade facilities in the beginning of August.

County Judge Sam Contreras says the exact amount of money has not yet been determined.