Crane Family Loses Everything after Devastating Fire

by Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

CRANE - A Crane famiy is homeless after their home on 12th and Dorthea was consumed in flames.

"We lost everything, all the memories, everything."

Tiffany Rives wasn't at the home Wednesday but her 14-month-old daughter, parents, and six-year-old sister made it out alive with the help of a persistant neighbor.

"I looked thorough my window and saw the fire start on that caddy corner right there."

Neighbor Oscar Velasco frantically banged on the doors to wake the family as flames engulfed the home.

"I mean were fast asleep," Velasco said.

The home the rives family lived in for 13 years declared a total loss.

"Only thing salvageable was the washer and dryer," Rives said.

The cause of the blaze remains a question mark.

"My mom thinks she might have left the ceiling fan on in the front porch, and it might have short circuited or something," Rives said.

Tiffany says she doubts any of her family would be alive without Oscar's help.

"I feel extremely fortunate right now, my daughter made it out alive, my parents, my little sister who was right by the fire, no smoke inhalation nothing, very fortunate right now," Rives said.

Oscar says he was just doing his neighborly duty.

"I mean a house you can replace, a body, you cant you can't replace a body," Velasco said.

The Crane Fire Marshall is investigating the cause of the fire but it may be several days until he can pinpoint where the fire started.