Vandalism Rampage in Big Spring

By Camaron Abundes  
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING- Police are asking for the help of the public, in their search for vandals who busted out windows and windshields all over town on Monday night.

Investigators worked to finish up 17 reports of vandalism taken the night before, including one report at the Big Spring Junior High School.

Coby Norman, principal Big Spring Junior High School, says someone used a brick to break the windows on the outside and inside of the Band Hall Entrance of the school.

"No one knows why people do these things, I am just hoping the police are able to apprehend the suspects and take care of it," he said.

Work crews spent the day replacing windows all over Big Spring, police say the vandals hit areas from Main Street to as far as the Air Park. One worker told Newswest 9, tempered glass is tough to break and it took a great deal of force to damage the windows at the Junior High.

The District handed over surveillance video to police and say they plan to install motion detector lights near entrances.

"They did quite a job on us. They threw a brick through the window and picked it up and threw it again until there was extensive damage," Norman said.

Sgt. Tony Everett says typically in cases like this someone involved will tell someone.

"We're investigating 17 cases, mostly vehicle windows and a couple of buildings that were damaged by bricks being thrown through the windows," Everett said.

Big Spring Officials tell NewsWest 9 it will cost them at least $3,000 to fix the windows.

"This is tax payer dollars that are having to be spent on this," said Norman, "They moved on down the street and caused damage, at other homes and other businesses."

"Someone will hear something, and that's how we'll catch these people," Sgt. Everett said.

Everett is urging anyone with information to call his office at 264-2558 or call Crime Stoppers at 263-TIPS.