Four Year Old Hospitalized After Being Left Behind in School Van

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Amanda McKinley left her son on Monday at 7:30 a.m. for a safe and day at camp. This all changed when got a call from the director of Odessa Christian School saying her son had being left alone in a school van for 10 minutes.

"All I could think of was he has really bad asthma, what if he goes into an asthma attack and no one is there to help him.  All I could think of was the worst of course," Amanda McKinley, Mother of the child, said.

Caleb McKinley has being going to day camp for about five weeks at Odessa Christian School. On Monday, they were going to a field trip when someone left him alone strapped to his child seat screaming for help.

"He kept screaming and screaming for the teacher and nobody would listen to him, and nobody could hear him, and he couldn't get out of the car seat by himself, because his fingers were not strong enough, and thank God he knew how to scream, other wise nobody would of heard him," McKinley said.

The McKinley's want answers of how the person in charge of the trip could forget their child.

"They had to reach over him to unbuckle another child, and they just did not unbuckle him, which is the part that really disturbed us that how can you reach over one to unbuckle to another and just forget him," McKinley said.

Another reason why the McKinley's are so mad is the way schools officials handled the situation.

"When we got there all they could tell my husband was 'we are really sorry, it was a mistake,' and that's it. Not we are going to 'talk to the bus driver and reprehend her for it' or anything like that just 'I'm sorry,'" McKinley said.

The McKinley's are grateful their son is O.K. recuperating from dehydration, but they're mad at the school, who has a good reputation, did not take care of their son.

"It's really disturbing that they don't want to do anything about it, not being able to tell us who was actually responsible, all they could say is 'I'm sorry,' Well I'm sorry does not bring your child back, if something happens.

We talked to school officials from Odessa Christian about the incident they say this type of accident has never happened in their school and they will make sure it never happens again.
For now, the McKinley's have filled a police report and everything is under investigation.