Grandfalls' Mayor Resigns

By Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

The City of Grandfalls has been through quite a bit of controversy over the past several months. At the last city council meeting, the mayor resigned, and it's left many neighbors wondering, what's next? 

Last Thursday's council meeting was business as usual until the very end when Mayor Mandy Brandenburg handed in her letter of resignation to council members, effective on August 31st. 

Residents who attended the meeting say, she resigned for personal reasons. 

City leaders tell us Mayor Pro-Tem Jim Crawford will fill the mayor's shoes until they can hold an election.  Brandenburg had been in office for two years and three months. 

We spoke with the Grandfalls Administrator on Monday who says he hopes the town can unite and move forward from their past differences.

"The way I feel, it will make it a whole lot better because there's quite a bit of controversy between the Mayor and the Council and myself. And I think it would be the best thing for the city for her to resign and then we can move on with our business and take care of the little town that needs to be taken care of," City Administrator Joe Gilbert, said.

Mr. Gilbert also tells us, the city is looking for a Public Utilities Director. The next Council meeting is set for August 19 when the city will discuss plans to fill these open positions.