Concerned Tenants Speak Out

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Several tenants from the Renaissance Condominiums in Midland are tired of living without a working air conditioner. They say their landlord hasn't taken the steps to fix the A/C even when they pay their rent on time.

"We don't have no air conditioner man to fix things, we are hiring one, but he does not tell us when or where, we pay our rent, but he just does not want to do anything," Concerned Tenant living at Renaissance Condominiums, said.

Tenants at Renaissance Condominiums say that is what they hear over and over when their A/C goes out and the complaints don't stop there.

"The air conditioner unit here has exposed wires, you can just walk by, I have seen the kids lean up against it and all of a sudden a big flash of light going off," Another Concerned Tenant at  Renaissance Condominiums, said.

The people we spoke to say they are so concerned for the safety of their families they did not want to show their faces. One of the tenants has been living in a unit for about eight months says the landlord does show up but doesn't always fix things.

"His solutions to things are to come with a roll of electrical tape and basically that is what he is leaving us with," One Concerned Tenant at Renaissance Condominiums, said.

The tenants also say they've tried to get help from other agencies, but no one listens to them.

"We have called the City of Midland, Building inspectors, the Fire Marshall, they all say "we'll be there, we'll do this, we'll do that," but we haven't seen anyone out here," Another Concerned Tenant at Renaissance Condominium, said.

News West nine was able to contact one the owners from the apartment complex, he says he believes one of the tenants is getting evicted and wants to retaliate.  The landlord adds if someone is getting evicted he doesn't normally make repairs to their apartment.