U.S. Census Opening Office in Midland

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - The 2010 census is still two years away, but regional managers are already setting up shop right here in the Basin.

Their temporary office which will be close to the airport on west Highway 80 will open in October and be used for two years.

They will be hiring managers, supervisors, and clerks in September.

The director's goal is to start gathering information about Midland and other nearby towns.

"We need to count 300 million people and do it in a very short time period. So it's very important to get offices open early, learn about the areas that we are going to have to work with, learn about some of the challenges we're going to have, as far as recruiting or getting cooperation, getting people to fill out their form. So it's very important to work with community leaders," Dallas Deputy Director Jeff Behler said.

Directors say all jobs will be temporary, but they provide good experience for other government jobs.