Sex Offenders in Local Colleges?

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - There are several websites that tell you where sex offenders live end even where they work.

The DPS website for the State of Texas even shows where they go to school, but some say it's not updated information.

"The most disappointing thing about it is, it's out of date.  It's good to have the information if it was current, but it isn't current." Chief Charles Gunn of the Midland College Police Department, said.

Currently the website shows 10 registered sex offednders attending Midland College, when in reality none are enrolled at the school.

"It's not accurate, they may have indicated they were going to attend, so DPS put them in the website, but they never did follow through because if they ever attended here, they would still be in our data base," Gunn said.

Chief gun says in the ten years he's been at Midland College they haven't had any problems with sex offenders, but it's always a concern.

"We advise the students where they may go to the DPS website to find out the information, because it would be redundant for us to publish it at the same time and we have no students here at this time that are registered sex offenders, so we have nothing to publish," Gunn added.

Even though the website does not provide current information, Gunn says it's useful.

"We use the DPS website all the time and that's one of the areas we can go to.  We occasionally check zip codes in the city to see who are registered sex offenders and where they live," Gunn said.

If you want find out if there are any sex offenders in your college, click here.