Iraan-Sheffield School District To Take Over Educational Needs for Pyote

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

IRAAN-The West Texas State School in Pyote will begin outsourcing their educational needs to educators from the Iraan-Sheffield Independent School District.

Superintendent Kevin Allen says the district finalized an agreement to handle the hiring and curriculum for the facility. The have been in talks with the TYC since the closure of the TYC Sheffield Boot Camp at the end of March.
Jim Hurley, a spokesperson for the TYC, says the Iraan-Sheffield Independent School District did a good job with instruction and operations at the Boot Camp and they want to carry that high level of success among students to the Pyote facility.
Superintendent Allen says they'll try fill the 13 teaching jobs from within the Pyote facility. Hurley says at this point he can't say whether or not anyone will lose their job. Under the agreement, the TYC will allow the Texas National Guard access to the Boot Camp Facility, starting in January.
I.S.I.S.D. has also worked out an agreement with the Texas National Guard. The Texas National Guard will expand their Seaborne Challenge program to include a campus in Galveston and Sheffield. I.S.I.S.D. will take over the educational needs of both facilities adding 390 students to the 400 already in the student body.

As a Chapter 41 district, Allen says it will help the district keep more tax dollars earned in the area in the district. Allen adds the money will also help the district make repairs following two failed school bonds.   "We provide the curriculum. We provide the teachers," Allen said, "We have had a lot of results for students passing TAKS tests, credit recovery, and getting to a point of graduation." 

Allen says it's the first deal of it's kind in Texas. He says I.S.I.S.D. teachers are trained to deliver a direct style of instruction and it's coupled with computer programs designed to match what is taught in the classroom.
In Sheffield, many are excited to see the facility getting put to use. "It's vital to the local economy," Chris Elliott said. Many are hopeful the National Guard program will also put many back to work. "A lot of people have been moving away," Shirley Campbell who lives in town, said. 

Former TYC employee Rick Mooney didn't know what to do when he lost his job last March.

"I could probably go to work out in the Oil field, but I've been with the State for 13 years," Mooney says now he can transfer it over with the National Guard when he starts in October.

"There are a lot of people who live in this town that have been employee by the state for oh sixteen seventeen years, and when TYC shutdown they were virtually in limbo," said Don Barnes, who owns a gas station in Sheffield.