Record Hail Damage in Seminole

By Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

Neighbors in Seminole say, almost everyone in town was impacted in some way by the storms last month. We spoke with one local auto repair shop who says, they've never seen storm damage this bad.

"The severity of this storm here in Seminole is some of the worst hail damage I've ever seen," Howard Hoffmann with Paintless Dent Repair, said.

Dagley Insurance tells us, it was the worst storm damage in 9 years. 800 homes, about 15 businesses, and over 5,000 cars were damaged.

"Most of the roofs, as far as I know, every one that my adjusters looked at, they were totaled," Don Dagley of Dagley Insurance, said.

"Luckily, everybody was asleep and tucked away," Hoffmann said. "If not, if this had happened at 5:00 in the afternoon, they'd have 15-20 people dead."

That hail storm last month proved to be one of the most costly Seminole has ever seen.

"The cost on this one was a lot higher," Dagley said. "A bundle of shingles cost a lot more than it did 9 years ago."

The damage is so widespread, Pullam's Auto Body Shop in Seminole has even brought hail technicians from as far away as Kansas City and Corpus Christi.

"People in Seminole are great," Hoffmann said. "These guys are the greatest we've ever worked with. The car out back I had to reschedule, she said, 'just keep my car.' She's left it here and I don't get started on it until next Tuesday. Everybody's been really nice and understanding that these things are whipped. It's going to take us a long time."

Technicians in Seminole say the car rental lots are empty right now. Many neighbors say, they're carpooling, or borrowing cars, or doing whatever they can until they can get the repairs made.