Midland Family Feud Leaves One Member in Critical Condition

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND-Robert McKinney remains in critical condition after his family members say he was ruthlessly rundown by another man at a family barbeque, but the driver says, he's the victim.

"When I went out there about fifty surrounded my truck with baseball bats, they beat all the windows out of my truck, beat my truck to death, broke my arm, hit me in the face with baseball bats, and broke my ribs," Jerry Murphy Jr., Driver of Truck, said.

That's the story according to Jerry Murphy, but the family who lives at this house on Cotton Flat Road says that's not how it happened. They say last night their family was having a barbecue when Murphy drove up and tried to hurt them.

"Some guys came in here, they know who they are, the police know who they are just trying to hit people, they hit four people all together, and Robert is the one who got the worst end of the deal," John Caswell, Victim's Relative, said.

Family members say nothing has been done by authorities after the fight so on Sunday his family decided to protest.

"We are furious, we want to see justice.  If we were to commit ticket traffic violations and did not pay it, they would come and get us and take us to jail, but someone attempts murder and they don't go to jail," Angie Wynne, Victim's Relative said.

"I'm here today protesting, because my family and friends was run over last night and the people that did it did not even get arrested," Beverly Hector, Victim's Relative, said.

NewsWest Nine also talked to Sheriff Gary Painter on Sunday, he says this is a criminal investigation and they are looking into this very seriously. But because the investigation is ongoing, he can't discuss the details.