Fundraiser for Baby Nathan

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Chris Franco says Saturday's fundraiser all started with an e-mail. She heard about baby Nathan and how the Gonzales family was struggling to pay the bills.

After hearing their story she decided to do something about it.

"Well I got an e-mail from a friend of a friend and I know the older brother and sister so I e-mailed Sonii back saying 'you don't know me but you know her brother and sister, I work at Riley's and Bruce is very good about doing fundraisers,' so we got it started that way," Fundraiser Organizer Chris Franco, said.

Two months after the e-mail several events have being organized in Nathan's name and his mother is very grateful.

"I am not surprised, I am overwhelmed. I truly feel blessed.  It's amazing how many people can love your son when they don't even know him," Sonii Gonzales, Nathan's Mother, said.

Gonzales is going through tough times doctors say her son is dealing with multiple illnesses, but she never gives up.

"In terms of medical, I hope people understand that as a mother when you know something is wrong with your son don't take no for an answer, keep searching for an answer until you find one," Gonzales said.

And even though the sickness of her youngest child has being a tragic event, Sonii says she has learned some life lessons.

"It's taught me to slow down, to not take life and the small things for granted, to enjoy what you have when you have them, and to appreciate your community and what's in it," Gonzales said.

Despite all the donations the Gonzales' family has received, they still need a contractor to help them remodel their home to remove allergy triggers that make Nathan sicker. If you prefer making a monetary donation, an account has been set up for Nathan Ezekiel Gonzales at Southwest 66 Credit Union his account number is 105346-1. Also, you can call Odessa Links at 582-0099.