New I-Phone, No Faster Speed

By Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

The new I-Phones hit stores promising faster speeds for less money.

Area stores can deliver the price, but the current network can't deliver the speed. 

At least not yet.

"Its a pretty big thing!" Mac Tyler, a Midland College Student, said.

Hundreds of people have been walking through these doors to check out the latest all-in-one phone.

"Whenever I showed up at 5:30, there was probably about 20 people in line," Tyler said. "We started talking to them and they started camping out the night before. By the time we went into the store at 8 a.m., there was probably about 150 people, 150 to 200."

The new Iphone hit store shelves this morning.

"At about 7:30-8:00 last night, people started lining up to purchase our new 3g I-Phone," said Christy Sea, Area Manager, A.T.&T.

It promises a new 3rd generation network and faster download speed, but there just one problem.

"Here in Midland, Tx we don't have a 3g network," Tyler said. "There's a lot of cities that don't have it, it's kind of surprising."

But that new network is on the way.

"We will be getting the 3g network in Midland/Odessa before the end of the year, so we're real excited about that," Sea said.

"Right now, technically, all we'll have with the new I-Phone is G.P.S., but by October, they'll have the 3g and we can browse with faster speeds," Tyler said.

So why buy one now?

"With the first generation I-Phone, it didn't have 3g, it also didn't have G.P.S. which is two features that people really like," Tyler said.

"We've always had a high sale in I-Phone product."

But even without faster speeds, that hasn't deterred hundreds of West Texans from leaving with a new phone.

"She had made a promise to her daughter that she would buy her an I-Phone if she did well on the TAKS test, and low and behold, she did, and she stayed all night waiting for a phone for her daughter it was a really neat story," Sea said.