Texas DPS Director Retiring Amid Agency Criticism

Staff Report

The Associated Press

AUSTIN (AP) - The director of the embattled Texas Department of Public Safety today announced his retirement -- effective August 31st.

DPS has faced criticism over the June 8th fire that severely damaged the historic Governor's Mansion.

The blaze has been ruled arson. So far no arrests.

DPS Colonel Tommy Davis issued a terse statement saying he's retiring -- after 43 years and nine months with the agency. The 67-year-old lawman didn't elaborate.  DPS has been reeling from bad publicity and scrutiny from legislators.

An internal investigation is going on into the agency's guarding of the mansion when fire broke out as the structure was unoccupied and under renovation.

Only one trooper was guarding the 152-year-old mansion.

Surveillance video shows someone igniting an object and throwing it onto the mansion porch.