Ector County Commissioner Working to Find a Solution to Trash Problem

by Roma Vivas
News West 9

ECTOR COUNTY- Without being able to burn trash in the County the people who live out there are seeing their trash pile up. The County doesn't provide dumpsters so homeowners have to haul their trash to the dump themselves or rent a dumpster, but many can't afford it.

"We have a lot of elderly people that live in a fixed income, they live on Social Security and you all know how prices have increased over the past several months and they tell me they can't afford 15 dollars a week to go to the landfill," Freddie Gardner, Ector County Commissioner Pct. 1, said.

Because there is a burn ban in the County, Gardner says many citizens that live in his district are letting their trash pile up in their back yard attracting snakes and mice.

"I realize that there are dumpsters available, but it's 150 dollar deposit and a person that's living on a fixed income, they can't afford a 150 dollar deposit," Gardner said.

And he is determined to solve the problem by teaming up with a local trash company.

"Mr. Gardner wants to put these 30 yard containers where the people can go and dump their trash and clean their yards a little bit, because of the burn ban.  He was telling me that a lot of people can't afford these containers, so he want to do this for the county," Mike Valenzuela, with Basin Disposal, said.

The proposal of putting dumpsters in the County is still on the works. No word yet on how many dumpsters they are planning to put around the County or even when if the protect will become a reality.