Midland Neighborhood Up In Arms

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND--When you drive by the house on the 400 block of Lee, it's hard to imagine, just by it's condition, that anybody lives there.   But according to people we spoke to, there's a lot more than that going on, and they want it to stop.

Looking at the home, Ysidro Bustillos asks, "Would you live there?  I wouldn't.  How can I?  Look at all the trash.  If you go behind, it's the same.  It's worse in the back than it is in the front."

Bustillos has lived in this neighborhood all his life.   He grew up just a few blocks down the road from his current lawn mower business.  He says, in all that time, never has he seen a sight like this.

"It's ridiculous to see a neighborhood or an area like that and not have anybody come by and say, 'I am going to allow you so much time to clean up this area.'  Well, how much time, is time?" Bustillos said.

We're told the house has no running water.   A van is seen parked outside daily and then house guests just bed down for the night.   No one seems to know who or where the owners of this home are.   But it's not just the unknown that bothers them, it's what Bustillos says, they say they see on a regular basis, "I see people coming and going across the tracks, and I know they're not just bringing food, because we can tell, we see it everyday."

Bustillos says he has a pretty good idea what's going on.   The scariest part, it's happening just a few blocks away from DeZavala Elementary, "My concern is that for sure, there's drugs going on there.  It may be prostitution too, as far as I'm concerned.  That may be going on too, I mean, we've seen several young ladies come and go."

Rafael Dominguez owns the property next door.   He says he and his children have seen some things that nobody ever should,  "Basically, my children were playing in the yard and there they were.  We actually saw them relieving themselvs on my fence."

Dominguez says even his 7-year-old knows what's happening,  "Even the little ones know it's drugs, drugs and prostitution."

Bustillos says he plans to keep his business running right where it is and the Dominguez family has no plans of moving.   All they want is a cleaner, safer neighborhood. But, as Bustillos puts it, their patience is running thin, "My question is, what is it going to take?  We talk about Keep Midland Beautiful?  Well, where do we start? "

According to Tina Jauz with the Midland Police Department, city code enforcement and police have responded to several calls to the area. 

NewsWest 9 has learned, the home is being occupied by the son of the owner and therefore, has the right to let whoever he wants into it. 

No word on the allegations of prostitution or drug trafficking.