Burn Ban Remains in Effect in Ector County

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY - The lower temperatures and the few inches of rain we have gotten are not sufficient to lift the burn ban.

On Monday, Ector County Commissioners said no to trash burning.

"I feel that the rain we have gotten this past week out west is.  I live out west I got three inches of rain, I feel like my soil is still wet," Freddie Gardner, Ector County Commissioner for Precinct 1, said.

But Jimmy Ellis from the Odessa Volunteer Fire Department does not agree.

"I think the Commissioners showed quite a bit of wisdom by not lifting the burn ban.  I think we would have been a lot worse off if they had lifted it, because once you get it lifted it's hard to get people to quit burning," Ellis said.

Gardner says people rights are being violated by not lifting the burn ban, specially taking in consideration the ban has been going on since November.

"I think this is a right of the people who live in the county, they move to the county in order to get away from the ordinances inside the city limits," Gardner said.

But that argument did not convince the court, one that did was when Ellis mentioned the possibility of the Texas Forest Service leaving West Texas if the burn ban was lifted.

"If we lift the burn ban, that would give them a reason to pull out, and god forbid, we would lose any assets we have in this area right now," Ellis said.

Commissioners plan on talking about the burn ban again in the next meeting, until then no one is allowed to burn their trash.