10 Gas Pumps in the Basin Fail to Meet State Standards

by Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN - What you see on the display screen and what get's pumped isn't always the same.

The State allows gas and diesel pumps, a difference of about 6 tablespoons of fuel plus or minus the number on the pump's screen.

Each year, 75 inspectors with the Texas Department of Agriculture test 65,000 fuel pumps around Texas.

Just in May and June alone inspectors placed out of order tags on thousands of pumps around the state.

Those tags will stay put until the gas station can get those pumps back into compliance.

In our area, here's the breakdown.

Two gas stations in Reeves County, and one in Midland didn't meet a routine standards test.

At the Flying J Travel Plaza at 100 East Pinehurst Street in Pecos.

6 pumps delivered less fuel then they indicated on the digital display.

Down the way at the Uncle's at 201 East 3rd in Pecos, two pumps didn't meet the standards, one pump by double the difference allowed.

In Midland, two pumps at the Premier Parking Company also short changed customers by two times the states' standards.

Even though it doesn't make up for the difference of fuel you may have lost if you've pumped at one of these stations before the tests.

The State requires these stations to find a company licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture to fix the pumps and an inspector will put a new seal on the nozzels once they're up and running again.

Stations get checked once every four years, but more often if they're is a complaint.

For a complete list of all the stations in the report, click here.