Believers See Virgin Mary Image in Tree

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - While some people are busy celebrating the 4th of July, others are celebrating the image of the Virgin Mary they say mysteriously appeared on a tree trunk at a house located in Midland.

It all started Monday when maria herrera was walking out of her house.

She told us she felt compelled to look at the tree.

That's when she saw what she claims is the image of the Virgin Mary.

Immediately people from Midland, Odessa, and even Stanton made their way to her home on Terrell Street to see the phenomenon for themselves.

"As soon as I got the phone call I dropped everything I was doing and I came over here," Believer Jose Louis Salgado.

"If you really study it and take a look at it, it really looks like the Virgin Mary," Jose Luis Salgado, said.

The Herrera family believes the Virgin Mary image on their tree is not only a blessing for them, but for the entire community.