Mother Fed Up with Bite Marks

By Camaron Abundes  
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Three days, three different bite marks left Margaret Harris fed up, when she says she found the marks on her 17 month old daughter, after picking her up from day care Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
"I was putting her in her car seat and noticed on her left forearm there was a bite mark," Harris said she saw the small teeth marks that appeared to be from another child on Monday night. Harris says she notified the staff at Midland Step By Step Child Care Learning Center the following morning.

Harris says she told the Director Eleaner Woodruff, again on Tuesday and Woodruff said they would keep an eye on the child.

"I just don't understand how that was not stoppable, how they could not see that happen, how they could not have taken that child and removed him and put him in a different room," Harris said, who also says she filed a complaint with the licensing division the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

Spokesperson Marleigh Meisner says it is up to individual day care's to decide a policy regarding children who bite other children. Meisner told NewsWest 9 she could not comment on if there would be any type of investigation.

"My child comes first, her safety comes first. I entrust these people with her well being, and I expect to get her back in the same condition and I haven't for three days," Harris wants the child removed from the day care and other parents to know what to look for.

"I am already establishing a policy," Betty Prince, the new owner of Midland Step By Step, said.  Prince took over the Center at the beginning of June. The new policy will enforce a three strikes policy for children who bite, if they reach three bites they will be suspended and may be removed from the center.

"I love kids, it's not a job, it's not about the money," Prince said, she also says her job is to balance the needs of all the children at the center, she has worked in child care for more than two decades.

Prince says toddlers often bite or act out especially if they have a stressful home life.

"They bite, they scratch, they say no," she said, "They're at that stage where you have to be patient with them and not to allow them to do those things, but to teach them not to do those things."

Prince says she wants to help the child who is biting, but she also wants to make things right with the Harris family.

Harris says she wants the child removed and teachers and administrators to pay more attention.