New Neighborhood Coming to Odessa

By Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

Thanks to the oil boom, it's tough to find a place to live.

And prices are steep.

But a new affordable neighborhood in Odessa could be in the works. One City Councilman is pushing to put it in the perfect place.

The city of Odessa is hoping to transform 103 lots on the corner of 8th and Coronado into a neighborhood.

"With the oil boom going on, it's real hard," one Odessa resident, said. "There's a lot of people coming and going."

"I know they're building some more houses out that way," another Odessa neighbor, said. "I think it will be good to get something nicer."

A new neighborhood is on the way.

"I just saw some open areas in my district and I just asked questions on who owned it and what we could do," Michael Sanchez, Odessa City Councilman for District 5, said.  "And it turns out the city owns this land and its just a matter of getting it re-zoned and have the oil company release it and then we can build homes here, make it a working class neighborhood."

Sanchez says low and middle-income homes are the hardest to come by in the Permian Basin.

"I know we're building houses everywhere, but their just not, they're predominantly on the high end, not for the working folks," Sanchez said.

And these affordable homes are close to becoming a reality.

"It's out being put together for signatures, and once the oil company, which is Oxy, releases it, then we'll have the opportunity to put it before the planning and zoning, and then we'll maybe be able to bid it out," Sanchez said. "The timetable, we're pushing it as quickly as we can, but there's no way to set a timetable on it."

The city says, many of the necessities are ready to go.

"We have water and sewer lines already to the neighborhoods around us," Sanchez said.
"The roads are pretty much here. There will be some roads built into the neighborhoods, but we already have services here. So it's a good way to boost our taxbase and get houses built."

Sanchez says this new project won't solve the housing shortage.

"But, having 100 more homes here will help," he said.

The city tells us, they already have builders interested in this site. At this point, they say, it's just a matter of dealing with all the paperwork.