“Watch Your Car” Campaign Kicks Off

by Mary Lou Morga
NewsWest 9

This July, the temperatures aren't the only ones on the rise.

Another thing that also increases during this month is the number of car thefts that take place.

That is why law enforcement agencies across Texas are kicking off the "Watch Your Car" month campaining.

"This is the time of year that vehicles are more likely to be stolen," Detective Robert Carruth with the Odessa Police Department, said.

According to statistics, July is the month when the majority of auto thefts happen.

"When you leave your keys in the car, you're just opening the door for the crooks, hey heres a free ride, just take it and go," Carruth said.

An opportunity that is quickly taken advantage of by criminals.

"The biggest source of our stolen vehicles is either they're just needing to get somewhere or they run it out for narcotics of some sort," Carruth told NewsWest 9.

Cellphones, purses, and money, these are just some of the items that theifs are looking for.

The Texas Auto Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority reported that last year that Dodge, Chevy, and Ford trucks were the hottest items for criminals.

"The biggest one is the Ford F350 diesel pickups," Carruth added.

That is why they want to remind everyone to lock your car, take your keys, and hide your belongings, otherwise you could lose much more than your car..

"If you leave your keys in the vehicle and its stolen, your insurance company may not pay that claim, because the insurance company looks at it like an owner assisted theft," Carruth said.

Officials also say that you should never leave your keys in the ignition or your car running, since it's also against the law and you could be fined.