EXCLUSIVE…Authorities Make Major Weapons Bust in Odessa

By Michael Stafford
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Authorities are questioning three people about those illegal guns.

They want to know where they came from and who owns them.

A team of law enforcement officers including the Ector County Sheriff's Office, WAMO, and Odessa Police were all there for the big raid.

NewsWest Nine cameras the only ones rolling as the bust happened at 1513 Cumberland.

Several officers came walking out with numerous weapons.

Some of them appeared to be rifles.

They also confiscated lots of ammunition.

Investigators haven't said yet exactly what kind of illegal weapons were uncovered or how many the found.

To give you an example, some illegal weapons include things like sawed off shotguns, and guns with clips that make them automatic.

Police did arrest one person at the home who had a warrant for marijuana charges.

He's identified as Josh Abelos, who's believed to be in his mid 30's.

He's also being questioned about the guns.

Keep it tuned to NewsWest Nine as we continue to follow this developing story.