Pecos Police Searching for Suspects after Rodeo Ticket Theft

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

PECOS - Hundreds of rodeo-goers in Pecos this weekend were tricked into buying stolen tickets. Police said the thief took hundreds of tickets from the Buck Jackson Rodeo Ticket Booth while no one was watching. Now, the search is on for anyone who may have helped in the crime.

Police said Wednesday they have one suspect, but no arrests have been made. Officers said they are continuing to interview witnesses. This is all after nearly $3000 to $4000 worth of tickets was stolen.

"We had a report that some tickets were taken from the rodeo ticket booth, and the police responded and have interviewed several people," Chief Clay McKinney, with the Pecos Police Department, said.

McKinney said the tickets were stolen late Friday night. Members of the rodeo committee said workers stepped out for about ten minutes and came back to find the tickets gone.

"It's preliminary in the investigation, so we just got finished interviewing one individual this morning, and now we've developed some suspects in the case," explained McKinney.

Police said there are no signs of any break-in at the Pecos rodeo's ticket booth, but officers said the suspect or suspects really didn't have to. One theory is that someone with long arms could have reached into the booth, and taken the tickets right off of the counter.

Authorities said there could have been multiple suspects who helped to resell the tickets on Saturday. Hundreds of people with specific tickets were asked to pay again. Now members of the rodeo committee are trying to figure out exactly how much was lost. Police said they're working to find everyone involved.

"We foresee some arrests forthcoming," McKinney added.