Lockers Replaced with Three Inch Binders in Big Spring

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - All Big Spring Junior High Students will not be using lockers the next school year.

Instead, they will carry a 3 inch binder from class to class.

School officials believe this new policy will improve student achievement.

"Every student will have a single binder, it's a 3 inch binder with a zipper and a shoulder strap.  We are helping parents coordinate the purchase of those things though desk top publisher, $47.00 for seventh or eight grade, and that binder has all the supplies the kid needs for the school year," Big Spring Junior High Principal Colby Norman, said.

And what about the text books?

"We will issue each child a text book for their classes, and they will take them home and the text books will stay at home, and then in the classroom, they will take advantage of a classroom set," Norman said.

School administrators believe that a single binder will contribute to academic success.

"We are eliminating excuses or reasons that students fall through the cracks.  Losing homework, losing text books, not having the right book for class or the right binder for class, just by simplifying things for them," Norman said.

About 200 schools in Texas have a no locker policy, Norman says security is also a big concern.

"The reason so many schools no longer utilize lockers is because of the things that can be placed in them, safety concerns and those sort of things. Schools in California and many schools in Texas are no longer putting lockers in schools, as they build them," Norman added.

By not having locker areas, Norman says many problems will be solved.

"The locker area is visited by many students who don't even need to go to their lockers, that's where we spread the gossip, we talk about who's saying what about whom, so you eliminate that," Norman said.

The binder will have to be ordered by the school.

School officials urge parents to turn in the form for the binder before July 10th.