Victim Reacts to Apartment Fire

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- The people who lived in the sixteen apartments burned by the fire won't soon forget Sunday morning's blaze. Some did not have time to save any of their belongings, they just made sure their loved ones were okay.

"I was sleeping and all of a sudden we just heard a loud noise on the door, 'cause I thought the smoke was coming from our apartment, and I went to check on my little girls and the next thing I know there is a bang on the door it was someone telling us to get out, there was a fire," Marquita Louis, who lost her home, said.

Marquita Louis only had time to get what was most important, her three daughters.

"I took out my kids and took whatever and take whatever I needed to get out," Louis said.

"They lost everything, they have nothing, she only has shoes on," Margie Wade, victim's Aunt, said.

It was a scary morning for the Louis' family, but they are grateful to be safe.

"She told me the apartment was on fire and I was like 'where are you?' And she says it's coming towards this way and that's when we hung up, and I told her I would be over, and then they were standing outside," Alicia Archie, victim's mom, said.

The fire took everything from these families, but firefighters say it could have been worse. The cooler weather helped contain the blaze.

"The weather has being really good for our fire ground operations because our fire fighters are being able to stay cooler, the ambient temperature is lower now and the moisture helps. This is a tragic situation and we just hope everything worst out for the occupants," David Hickman, Midland Fire Department, said.

The Red Cross was at scene on Sunday morning, they tell us they are helping 53 people total.  All of them are being assisted with food, shelter and clothing. The Red Cross will gladly accept any type of help or donations.